Welcome to ClinicCare!

A Revolutionary Solution in Onsite Care

VistaLink Health is a 21st Century medical/clinical group designed to deliver leading edge solutions. Our innovative, full-service onsite clinics, prosthetic deliverables, and comprehensive laboratory services afford a superior solution not readily available with traditional mobile care programs.

Our state-of-the-art prosthetic labs allow us to deliver dentures, eyeglasses, and hearing aids same day, not months. Of equal value is the VistaLink Complete Care Replacement Guarantee. Residents who qualify are guaranteed no-hassle, no-cost, no-limit replacements for all prosthetics.

  • Full-Service Onsite Clinic

  • SAME DAY Dentures, SAME DAY Hearing Aids & SAME DAY glasses
  • No cost, complete care replacement guarantee

  • Comprehensive medical laboratory services

ClinicCare Exam Rooms

We offer three onsite ClinicCare configurations

Four exam rooms
Dental, Vision, Hearing, and Podiatry/General Medical

Three exam rooms
Dental and Vision Combined with Hearing, and Podiatry/General Medical

Two exam rooms
Dental and Vision Combined and Hearing, and Podiatry/General Medical Combined

ClinicCare Medical Laboratory

We Deliver Superior Stat and Comprehensive Medical Laboratory Services

VistaLink Health Laboratories provides daily pick up for Stat CBC, UTI and other urgent lab result requirements as well as comprehensive test result requirements. All results are published to the EHR solution.

ClinicCare Dentistry

Leading-edge Dentures Delivered Same Day, Not Months

Comprehensive dental care is vital to all of us for good nutrition and overall well-being. For Seniors however, dental care is significantly more challenging. For many who are living longer, they have complicated medical histories, long lists of medications and some are near end of life. Studies show that poor oral health is related to serious heart conditions, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

ClinicCare dentists provide sustained, comprehensive dental care to preserve teeth and combat gum and other diseases that adversely impact oral health. When dentures are required, ClinicCare’s leading-edge program delivers Same Day Dentures, not months. Plus, our Replacement Guarantee means residents who qualify are guaranteed no -cost replacements for dentures that are lost or broken beyond repair saving
the facility thousands of dollars.

Dental Services
• Examinations and cleanings, as indicated
• Routine extractions
• Fillings
• Same Day Dentures
• Dentures engraved for identification
• No-hassle, no-cost denture replacements

ClinicCare Audiology

Improving Hearing with State-of-the-Art Same-Day Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit. It causes disorientation and isolation. Studies have found that hearing loss speeds up age-related cognitive decline. The benefits of correcting hearing loss on cognition cannot be overstated. Correcting hearing loss is the thing we focus on.

ClinicCare’s Doctors of Audiology provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments, remove the patient’s wax build-up and impacted wax as well as recommend and dispense Hearing Instruments. Plus, our Replacement Guarantee means residents who qualify are guaranteed no-cost, un-limited replacements for Hearing Aids that are lost or broken beyond repair saving the facility thousands of dollars.

Audiology Services
• Comprehensive testing of hearing
• Examination of the ear and canal with wax removal
• A variety of devices to support hearing, including hearing aids and other instruments
• No-hassle, no-cost Hearing Aid replacement

ClinicCare Optometry

Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing Through Meaningful Vision Care

The ability to see is undeniably important to communicate and interact with one’s environment. Poor vision is a significant sensory deficit that adversely affects cognition. Critically, Seniors experience a decline in vision that occurs naturally with age; more severe impairment can result from medical conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. While age-related eye diseases can be reversible, irreversible damage may also occur and lead to blindness. If diagnosed early though, these diseases can be properly managed to prevent visual impairment.

ClinicCare optometrists effectively test and treat these conditions to promote long-term ocular health and the independence that healthy vision provides. This includes eyewear and when required, VistaLink’s leading-edge program delivers glasses in days, not months. Plus, our Replacement Guarantee means residents who qualify are guaranteed no-hassle, no-cost, no-limit replacements for glasses that are lost or broken beyond repair saving the facility thousands of dollars.

Optometry Services
• Vision testing and treatment eye disease
• Eyeglass fabrication, repair, and engraving
• Low-vision aids for the partially sighted
• No-hassle, no-cost Eyewear replacements

ClinicCare Podiatry

Comprehensive Foot Care, Managing the Effects of Diabetes

Healthy feet in the elderly enables a steady gait and allows a more active life. Comprehensive clinical podiatric care provided by VistaLink is fundamental to the well-being of residents. Of specific focus in podiatric care is diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 25% of nursing home residents have diabetes. Treatment and management of diabetic foot ulcers and diabetic peripheral neuropathy is essential for the prevention of more severe medical conditions.

Podiatry Services
• Comprehensive evaluations and regular nail and foot care
• Wound care management with close follow-up
• Custom molded inserts and shoes