Enhancing Emotional Well-Being Through Meaningful Vision Care

Our Optometrists test and treat conditions to promote ocular health. 


Our Services

Our optometrists provides same day eyewear that is covered by the ClinicCare Replacement Guarantee. This means that residents who qualify are guaranteed no-cost, unlimited replacements of glasses that are lost or broken beyond repair.

Why Choose Us

Guarantee for eyeglasses

In the event a resident's eyeglasses are lost or broken beyond repair, we will provide unlimited replacements at no cost to the facility, resident, or resident's family or spouse,.

Repairs & adjustments

The Optician will perform repairs and adjustments on-site, when possible, at no cost to the facility, the resident, or the resident’s family or sponsor.


When specialized care by an Ophthalmologists recommended, ClinicCare will write the referral.